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pbwiki The URL of the Wikispaces site is http://pbworks.com/

In 2005, most wiki software was overly complex to set up and manage, requiring an extensive knowledge of Linux, and their own server. In 2005, David Weekly came up with the idea of providing easy-to-use privately hosted wikis through a website - which he named "PeanutButterWiki", a short name of this is called as pbwiki. The freeware version of pbwiki was released by pbworks company in May 2005. In 2009 onwards few more features are added into pbwiki tool and become commercial application software.

Now the pbworks.com provides the work spaces for collaborative learning environments for Students, Teacher and Parents. Wiki supporting multimedia plugins, tagging, access controls, etc. Users can create free basic wiki workspaces, or upgrade to a premium plan to access additional features. Workspaces can be public or private (only viewable by those who have been invited to join the workspace).

Reference: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PBworks

http://educationalsoftware.wikispaces.com/PBWiki+Tutorial, pbwiki PowerPoint slides.

Video Reference: http://youtu.be/neHt9G3R7TE , pbwiki Tutorial. http://youtu.be/A204JcGQiY0, pbwiki getting started.