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OER Reef and Rainforest wiki in Marovo Language

In 2005, Professor Edvard Hviding[1] of the University of Bergen, Norway, collaborated with UNESCO and the Solomon Islands Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development (MEHRD) to create an environmental encyclopedia in Marovo language, with accompanying teachers guides and lesson plans to enable related educational activities in schools align with the national curriculum. Patukae and several other schools in the Marovo Lagoon area have participated in this project.

The ICT networks and facilities established in Marovo from 2008 [2] (also see [3]), with Patukae College as the base, are now the basis of an extension of this project. An wiki platform has been developed by UNESCO, designed as an online OER complement to the Reef and Rainforest encyclopedia, with the intention of enabling schools and communities in the Marovo area (and disapora) to access and contribute online OER content in Marovo language through this wiki, with a particular emphasis on education. Lesson plans will be developed collaboratively using these pages on the WikiEducator to guide teachers and align with the curriculum, along with training, capacity building and quality assurance procedures. Intermediation will be essential to ensure technology is not a barrier to participation. As multimedia content and audio in particular will be important, training will be given in community media methodologies and techniques.

A key feature is that the project will build on all of the the trials of the One Laptop Per Child (OLPC) in Marovo. Patukae Primary School has since 2008 been a pilot OLPC school for MEHRD [4].


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