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This is another lesson on Verbs,specifically tenses.the past perfect tense will equip the learner with the skills of expressing actions completed in the past and that one was completed before the other.i.eIt is used for two actions that were performed in the past with one cmpleted before the other.

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At the end of the lesson:

  1. learners should be able to differentiate between Past Perfect Tense and other tenses in verb.
  2. learners should be able to express themselves fluently when relating past events.

Lesson content

The following sentences show example of sentences constructed with the use of Past perfect tense.

  1. I had never been to ghana until the recent Workshop organised by COL and U.E.W.
  2. The boy had finished eating before the bell was rang.
  3. Olabode had completed the assignment before the teacher arrived.
  4. Babatunde had gone for the prizes before the film ended.

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As demonstrated above,Past perfect tense explained two actions that were performed simultaneously,i.e one after the other.A good knowledge of this tense shows that the user can be effective in the use of the Language.

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  1. Give five complete sentences with the use Past perfect tenses.
  2. Identify the second action by underlining them.

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  1. The Brighter Grammar Book 3&4
  2. Effective English Book 1