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Tenses==(Past Continuous Tense.Lesson 3)


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Having gone through Present Continuous,and Present Perfect tenses,we shall now look at Past Continuous tense for a proper understanding of its effective and efficient uses.

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At the end of the lesson:

  1. learners should be able to understand and differentiate the use of Past continuous tense from the previous tenses.
  2. learners should be able to express themselves appropriatelly by using Past continuous tense.

Lesson Content

The Past continuous Tense is usually formed by positioning the -ing verb form directly in front of was or were.For example:

  1. I was attending a class, when it started raining.
  2. Nicholas was facilitating when, the Vice chancellor arrived.
  3. They were playing with the football bought for them by their grandfather when the gas exploded.
  4. They were giving the report when the touts descended on them.

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In the above lesson,the interaction of past tenses, was and were with the main verbs + -ing expresses the language structure in their best forms.If users of English Language employ the right tenses the learners or the listeners will be able to give accuurate responses.

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a.)Underlined the Past Continuous tenses in the following sentences.

  1. I was going to the airport when he called me on my cell-phone.
  2. My sisters were dancing,when the man came into the room.
  3. We were leaving the room,when the strange man appeared.

b.)Write five sentences with the use of Past continuous tenses.

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  1. The Brighter Grammar 3,4&5
  2. New Practical English Book1