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Pasifika Media Association

The Pasifika Media Association (PasiMA) was formed in August 2010 by independent regional media owners, operators and principals with a vision of creating an association that is forward-looking and responsive to the real-time concerns of media professionals in Pasifika.

Link: PasiMA website

While other existing media associations in the region have made significant accomplishments in many areas, the founders of PasiMA identified several important issues that are not being adequately addressed by any existing bodies, including media freedom in the region and the challenge of incorporating new media technologies into the existing media framework in the Pacific islands.

PasiMA is the only Pacific media organization that welcomes members from Pasifika-oriented media anywhere in the world.

PasiMA’s board and membership are composed primarily of independent media owners and practitioners. Representatives of government-owned media and individuals associated with academic and NGO entities are welcomed as non-voting members.


Pasifika Trainer

Development page

Pasifika Trainer is an innovatively designed and delivered e-learning resource for working Pacific Island journalists and media managers.

It incorporates multimedia resources, comprising relevant content delivered through presentations, video, audio, online collaborative assignments and mentors, and provides upskilling that will greatly help the journalist and their employer.

Employer participation in the process is therefore important in terms of allowing the participant time to pursue study and connectivity at the workplace (outside of working hours if necessary).

A feature of Pasifika Trainer is working on investigative stories with local/ overseas mentors, that would help deliver better value content to employer's media outlet. There are opportunities to share stories/ ideas on issues with region wide implications since collaborative assignments are designed to have journalists from different countries working together on a given subject.

The course modules provide legal grounding for journalists and employers with relevant content and commentary from experts around the region.

The course will also provide media outlet owners/managers the understanding of implications of new media and how to leverage content in the new media to better their businesses.