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Name of School: Chubikopi Primary School Class teacher: Carleen Nonga

Year: 3

Lesson Title:

Lesson Title: Parts of a plant
(Leaves, stem, roots, and flowers)

Date: 18/04/11
Learning Outcomes: By the end of this lesson, learners should be able to;

To identify four different parts of a flowering plant (Leaves , Stem, Roots, Flowers).


1. Introduce the word plant,(flowering plant)
2. Explain the 4 main parts of a plant.

Teacher activities:
  1. Introduce different parts of a plant.
  2. Ask the children to look for some flowering plants in the Marovo Encyclopedia and identify the 4 main parts .
  3. Tell the children to go outside and to uproot a small plant showing the 4 parts of a plant.

Learner activities:

  1. Children listen to the teacher while the teacher explain the topic.
  2. Children use the MarovoEncyclopedia to look for the parts of the plant and identify them.
  3. Chidren collect a plant each that has the 4 parts (leaves,roots,stem,flower)

The children draw the plant they have collected and label it. The children paste their drawings on the wall for classroom display.

Learner evaluation

The pupils could identify and name the 4 main parts of a flowering plant

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