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Name Country Action Time frame
Philip Malta My contribution, and therefore action plan is to continue providing support (via email etc...) to anyone who requests it until the work is done.

I will also try and improve and add new templates etc. to make working with wiki easier. The groups feedback on what works and what doesn't and what is required is essential to streamline the necessary work.

Barbara Carolus-Andre Seychelles
  • Contribute to the development and completion of Module 1 details of topics will be presented by Rhavee (Group leader)
  • Report on VUSCC Boot Camp
  • Collaborate with previous boot campers for organisation of a wiki educator familiarisation workshop
  • Discuss lifeskills implementation in post secondary schools
  • Devise action Plan with all stakeholders.
July-August 2007
Sonia Mc. Phail St. Kitts-Nevis
  • Contribute to the development and completion of Module 1 details of topics will be presented by Rhavee (Group leader)
  • Report on VUSCC Boot Camp
  • Meet with former Boot Camp participant to organise wiki training workshops.
  • Make proposals to the Permanent Secretary re: implementation of course.
  • Devise action Plan with all stakeholders.
July-December 2007
Michele Greaves Warrick Grenada
  • Contribute to the development and completion of Module 3.
  • Report on VUSCC Boot Camp
  • Collaborate with previous bootcampers for organisation of wiki educator familiarisation workshop.
  • Meet with Permanent Secretary and Chief Education Officer to discuss plans for the implementation of the Like Skills Module.
  • Discuss lifeskills implementation in post secondary schools
  • Devise action Plan with all stakeholders.
July-December 2007

Andrea Airall Antigua & Barbuda

  • Coordinate the completion of Module 3: Communication
  • Report of Boot Camp activities to Principal – Antigua State College.
  • Implementation of Life Skills course content at the Antigua State College
  • Propose that Life Skills be implemented/ or curriculum be uses in the ABICE, Hotel Training School, Adult Literacy Program and any other Post Secondary Institution where applicable
  • Create awareness of Wiki educator and its benefits.
  • Assist with Training along with other persons with wiki experience of Counselors who will be implementing Life Skills curriculum
  • Act as resource person for Wikieducator and Life Skills.

Name Country Activities Timeframe
R. Joorawon Mauritius
  • Submission of Report on Boot Camp 3 to my Ministry by End-June 07
  • Setting up of a Steering Committee on Lifeskills integration into the National Curriculum.
  • organisation of Workshop to build capacity for curriculum developers and writersby Nov-Dec 07.
June-Dec 07

Ceronne Prevatt-Wiltshire

Trinidad and Tobago

19th June 2007

Action Plan

Completion of Module 1 – in particular Heritage with Badeli of Swaziland To 31 August Group 4 - Ceronne, Bothephana of Lesotho, Lapana of Tuvalu with Badeli
1. Completion of all 5 modules To September 2007 all participants
2. Meetings regarding Awareness creation of Life Skills materials

Institutions: COSTATT, University of Trinidad and Tobago especially the Education Division

To July 31 Ceronne
3. Wikieducator material transferred to text using COL template for use in Life Skills courses To August 31 Computer inputing by Dianne Mahabir, Candace and Aaron of Distance Education of MSTTE
4. Printing of Life Skills materials in textual format for use by Life Skills courses already begun: OJT, MuST, Retraining, HYPE programmes of MSTTE by Life Skills tutors From August 31 Printing firm to be contracted to do booklets
5. Wikieducator material transferred to eXe for use by learner on the computer without face to face interaction e.g. COSTATT To September 30 Computer persons to be contracted by MSTTE and Ministry of Education
6. Pilot of eXe materials by COSTATT learners using their computes of the Port of Spain campus October to December 2007 Life Skills Unit and Director of Studies, COSTATT
7. Evaluation of programme implementation when Life Skills Unit is started by MSTTE staff of Liffe Skills Unit when these are contracted

Name Country Activities Time frame
Salma Hassan Maldives to finish unit 1-3 in module 2 25th Aug 07
*Continue working on unit 4&5 End of July 07
*Complete all 5 units in module 2 End of August
*Meet and discuss with head of faculty about developing Midwifery course on line and start working on it accordingly Nov 07
*Arrange and conduct at least one workshop on wiki skills for members of college including one member from each faculty Nov- Dec 07

N.B Module work will be done with the help of members of Gr. 2. Salma, Kavena,Lucine,Lilly and Joorawon

To: The Support Persons Name: Paul West, And Wayn Mackintosh Title: Director, Knowledge Management and Information Technology Address: Commonwealth Of Learning, 1055 West Hasting Street, Suile 1200 Vancouver, Bc V6E2E9 Canada.

From: Elizabeth Kendrun Piskupe (Ms) PAPU NEW GUINEA (Health Department, Human resource management Branch)


ACTIVITIES TIMEFRAME RESPONSIBLE SUPPORT PERSONS Type of Support Required to Make the Plan Succeeded
Brief on training Awareness 27/6 (10am) Elizabeth Not applicable
Write report for submission and endorsement 29/6-15/7/07 Elizabeth Wayne Mackintosh Education Specialist e’Learning & ICT Policy Require support letter including information and guide to write the submission to My Minister
Presentation on wiki To Senior Executive Management (SEM) 11/07/07 Elizabeth Paul West Knowledge M anagement anf information Technology/ Dr.Mannan UPNG Require proposal on how to implement wiki as a project internet links set up
Facilitate wiki tutorial Participant attending Boot Camp 4 1st OCT 07 Elizabeth NA
Implementation of Wiki free content as Flexible learning October 07 Elizabeth Andrew –COL/ HSSIP NDOH Require expert Trainer to help put together links and net work to implement wiki course as a project
Meeting of 1st Pacific Region Wiki Boot camp Participants Quarter 1/08 AVA/Apana & Elizabeth Mininstry of Health &Education
Content development for Laloki the wiki framework Q3&4 /07 Elizabeth Director HRM Funding/ computer/
Continue content building using wiki COL frame work Continue 3 hours at least daily Elizabeth and members of gp 3 NA
Conduct training on wiki September 3rd week Elizabeth/Andrew COL funding
Develop content on types of public speaking July 15th 07 Gp 3 NA Internet access



Activity Time frame Responsible person
present report to University management July 2007 B.Makhakhane
Pesent report to ministry of education July 2007 B.Makhakhane
Hold workshop for University staff on wikie August 2007 B.Makhakhane
Hold workshop for parttime facilitators August 2007 B.Makhakhane
Hold workshops on wikie for Regional resource teachers August 2007 B.Makhakhane
Hold a seminar with other Southern Affrican participants from Sadc November countries-Sadc


Team Members

Lynette Noel (Trinidad)

Rebecca Lekoko (Botswana)

Hermena Davidson (Jamaica)

Lumaava Sooaemalelagi (Samoa)


All modules are to be completed by August 31st.

Module 5: Employability Skills

June 20 Complete action plan and roles for individual members

July 08 Complete Module 5

July 09 - 15 Module is open for review by other groups.

July 22 Submission of final module

Discussion sessions held weekly on Sunday via Google chat room – Life Skills in Paradise

Lynette Noel (Trinidad) 10pm

Rebecca Lekoko (Botswana) 4pm

Hermena Davidson (Jamaica) 9pm

Lumaava Sooaemalelagi (Samoa) 3pm

Regular email will also be used.

Module 1: Interpersonal Relationships

Unit 5: Goal Setting and Management

Access existing outline on Life Skills/Unit One

Lynette/Hermena Goal Setting Ava/Rebecca Time Management

Basic skeleton July 08 Introduction/ Outcomes/Terminology

July 15 Assignments and activities

NB: Sections refer to parts of the lesson – we have referred to them as step 1, 2 etc

July 21 Complete unit

July 22 - 28 Unit is open for review and feedback from other groups/individuals

July 29 Group 5 to meet & finalise the Unit in chat room

Antoinette Brooks & Hermena Davidson Jamaica Action June 2007 - August, 2008 Antoinette Brooks &

Hermena Davidson || Jamaica|

  • Complete and submit report to relevant Ministry ofEducation & Youth Personnel.

July, 07

  • Meet with Senior Officer with responsibilty for COL Project - Mr. Philbert Dyhll
  • Meet with Senior Officer with responsibilty for Guidance & Counselling - Mrs. Monica Holness

Share information and discuss proposal for the implementation of the lifeskills curriculum July, 2007

  • Assist members of 'Boot Camp 3' group to complete units, modules and curriculum by August 31, 2007
  • Provide National support for the use and implementation of the programme through the coordination of seminars and workshops for stakeholders. January - August, 2008
  • Devise action Plan with all stakeholders. July - August, 2008
  • Initiate Wiki Community for Jamaica (with the assistance of COL)
  • Facilitate local advisor committee of COL

July-August 2008

Name: Lapana Ene


Activities Timeframe Persons Responsible
Report of the Boot Camp submitted to Director of Education for endorsement June 31 Lapana
Work on the modules, tutorials with the participant of Boot Camp 2 June - Nov Lapana BC3 and Evotia BC2
Continue on the modules with the officers of the Ministries July to Nov Lapana plus two other officers.
Have presentation of this BC to the department and request for a group to steer this insentive, August Officers from ministry and from others NGOs organisations who are dealing with post secondary education.

Name: Lily Gomez

Country: Belize (Caribbean)

Activities Timeframe Persons Responsible
Presentation of the Report on the Boot Camp to E-learning Committee and President of the university July 30th 2007 Lily
Complete content for Module 2 Unit 4 with other bootcampers July 16th-30th 2007 Lily, Lucine and Jenny
Review and do fine tuning of Unit1,2,3 done during Bootcamp. August 1st- 15th 2007 Group 2 Members.
Collaborate with previous boot campers for developing A Wikieducator Committee within the University including COL focal point.
  • Sensitize key persons within the university about wiki educator and use to develop content
August 10-15th 2007 Lily, previous Bootcampers
Devise action Plan with all stakeholders responsible for Life Skills implementation in secondary schools. August 31st 2007 Lily



Activities Timeframe Persons Responsible
Present Report to Life Skills Department July C. Broomes
Present Report to the Ministry of Science and Technology July C. Broomes
Share Information with other Life Skills facilitators August C. Broomes
Share information with the N.G.O., e.g. Happy Venture Teachers September C. Broomes

ACTION PLAN Communication: Module 3

Complete content information for Unit on Public Speaking July 15th, 2007 Group effort – Topic areas have been selected and divided among group members Antoinette Brooks, Betty Joseph, Elizabeth Kendrum Piskupe, Michele Warrick

Completion of relevant activities, assessment and support materials July 21st, 2007, Andrea, Michelle, Elizabeth

Review of Unit, July 25th, 2007, Betty & Antoinette.

Completion of Unit on Public Speaking, with all modifications, July 31, 2007, Group effort

Completion of all support materials, links, etc, for the entire module

Lucine Edwards, St. Vincent lucine's Action Plan

Activities Timeframe Persons Responsible
Complete unit 4&5 of module2 August 25th,07 members of group2,Lucine
Participate in the re-view, editing etc. of unit 4&5 and other groups. August,07 Group2 members,Lucine
Develop unit5 in particular (leadership) August,07 Lucine,Jenny,Lilly
Continue to collaborate with Bootcamp3 members via Wiki, email etc. Ongoing Camp members
Identify others in my country who are involved in lifeskills teaching,attended previous Bootcamps for collaboration and support. June30th,07 Lucine, Dr.Jack
Check for Ministry policy re: teaching of lifeskills June30th,07 Chief Education Officer, Dr.Jack,Lucine
Implement the lifeskills course developed January,08 teachers Lucine, school principal(s)
Conduct workshop(s)in Wiki skills November,07 Lucine, member from Ministry of Science and Technology.
Continue to participate in and contribute to Wiki educator Ongoing Lucine

Lynette Noel

Trinidad and Tobago

Action Plan

Submit a report to my institution,University of Trinidad and Tobago 29th June 2007
Continue discussions with other Group 5 members to complete Module 5 and to provide content for Module 1,Unit 5-Goal Setting and Management 24th June -31st August 2007
Sensitise educators to the benefits of WikiEducator as a collaborative authoring tool ongoing
Inform my Campus administrator,colleagues and Programme Professor about the implementation of a Life Skills course for students in the B.Ed programme at U.T.T. 29th June - 6th July 2007
Collaborate with and support Ceronne in any endeavours to make other tertiary institutions aware of the need to have Life Skills implemented there ongoing
Continue to practise text editing and using the syntax
Access the Wiki tutorials regularly
Use the COL Template for content design
Subscribe to the Wiki Community as a member of the Life Skills in

Paradise group

Betty Joseph Trinidad & Tobago

Action Plan: July - September 2007

  • Submit report on Bootcamp3 to the Distance Education Unit, Ministry of Education
  • Provide assistance and support to members of the Distance Education Unit in implementing the Life Skills Programme - part of their Online Service.
  • Continue to work collaboratively with members of Team 3 towards completion of assigned Module - Communication
  • Assist other Life Skills facilitators to recognize and use the available material, to improve their workshop "presentations" and ensure greater learner success.
  • Acquaint learners (including trainees of the Retraining Unit, Ministry of Science, Technology and T. Ed., and other clients) with the Life Skills programme, available online. (Sept., 07)
  • Continue to be part of the Wiki community ... sharing pertinent information and learning new skills.
  • Encourage other educators and learners (including the computer savvy) to join the Wiki community