Parenting and brain injury

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Dealing with an acquired brain injury can be overwhelming and exhausting. Sometimes just completing daily activities can be enough, trying to be a parent and have a brain injury can feel like too much sometimes. It is okay to feel like this and it is important to remember that there are supports and services to help you through your tranistion and recovery. It is important to remember that you are still a parent, your children will still love you and that there is a lot you can offer them. It is also important to remember that the whole family will need time to adjust to the transition and to the changes, checking with your local brain injury agency is a good way to start looking for resources and supports to assist through these times.

Listed below are some support resources and strategies:


Brain Injury Chatroom: An online chatroom to meet and discuss common issues with others directly or indirectly affected by an acquired brain injury. [[1]] (retrieved from: [[2]])

Journal of daily experience: Retrieved from Brain Injury Resource Centre [[3]]

Journey Toward Recovery: A brain injury guide for families. [[4]]