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  1. The villagers are not at all satisfied with the Sarpanch. As said by the villagers the Sarpanch has not done any effort for the development of the Baisnagar©.
  2. No panchayat is conducted for any kind of issue.
  3. The villagers have not got their ration cards as they were promised earlier.
  4. Also the people below poverty line do not have their BPL permit cards. One year before the forms were filled but no further proceedings were done.


  • BRICK FACTORY— The brick factory is illegally established. The land was allotted by the govt. to the watchman of the village for the purpose of agriculture. But the brick factory is working on the land for the past 6 years. Another problem due to the factory is the pits that have fallen on the path due to the regular transport of bricks by tractors. The tractors pass through the village as there is no outer path.
  • GRAVE-YARD LAND— The grave-yard land has been undertaken by some top priority member. As a result the villagers have to go far 2 kms. Near the river for funeral. They have to face great problems especially in the rainy season. Its report was given to the Tehsildar one year before, but there was no solution to it.


  • CHILD-MARRIAGE is still prevalent in Baisnagar©. A girl of age 15 years, SAVITA was to be married.
  • The villagers have no opposition for DOWRY SYSTEM.
  • The caste in majority in Baisnagar is GURJAR. As such there is CASTISM to certain extent in the village.
  • The villagers believe in SUPERSTITION.
  • There is LACK OF AWARENESS in the village to a great extent. The villagers are not aware of their rights.


  • No medical facility available before Vidisha. In the village there is not even a primary health centre.
  • ‘Sarpanch’ not working properly.
  • No govt. facility for people under BPL.
  • Low pay for workers in the paper mill.
  • Due to less income, low level of education.
  • Only primary education available in the village.
  • Child-marriage still continuing.
  • Lack of awareness.
  • Illegal land undertaking.
  • No roads (not even cemented) in Baisnagar.
  • Electricity bill more than expected.
  • No electricity meters in Baisnagar.