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Working with social media tools and services brings up privacy concerns.

When you create a profile, share your organization’s photos or files, and create connections with others, it's important to reflect on several aspects of the data and its reach:

*Who will have access to this information? Is this appropriate?

  • What are its potential uses? Is this acceptable?
  • Are we willing to have a permanent record of this data out on the web?

Private information about individuals and organizations also presents potential dangers including identity theft, fraud, unauthorized copying of valuable information, among others.

You should plan on keeping your actions secure on the Web especially if your organization:

*manages staff personal information, client information, funder information, etc.

  • works on a sensitive issue such as human rights abuse cases, corruption, etc.
  • holds medical records or other private records
  • handles financial accounts, banking information and credit card numbers.

The information we publish on the web has a potential to become persistent.

This means that information we publish on the Internet has the potential to be reproduced and archived many times, even when we take it offline and don't think it will come up in search results any more.

Make sure you have this in mind when you're posting personal information on the web!