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Sarita Kumar

Applied Entomology

1. Differentiate between following pair of terms:

a) Scarabeiform larva and campodeiform larva

b) Head louse and body louse

c) Bag storage and bulk storage

d) White ears and white heads

e) Berlese organ and Berlese funnel

2. Define the Following:

a) Myiasis

b) Elytra

c) Morbus Errorum

d) Chaffy grains

3. Name the vector and pathogen of the following diseases:

a) 3-day fever

b) Trench fever

c) Epidemic typhus fever

d) Mild tertian fever

4. Write reason for the following names along with their scientific names:

a) San Jose scale

b) Swallow tail butterfly

5. a) Name two insect pests of sugarcane. Write the damage caused by them and their and measures.

b) Describe the life cycle of any one of the above.

6. Discuss the various factors required for storing the grains safely.

7. Explain the bionomics of any one stored grain pest.

8. Describe the life structural organization and the life cycle of termites.

9. Write the economic importance and control of the termites.

10. Name any five medical pests and describe their medical importance in short.

11. Write a short note on the pest status of house fly.

12. List the different types of silk moth and the kind of silk produced by them.

13. Explain the rearing of silkworms and processing of silk in detail.

14. Write short notes on the following:

a) Locust cycles

b) Damage caused by Helicoverpa armigera and its control

c) Enemies of lac insect and their control

d) Protective adaptations in Papilio demoleus and its control

e) Bionomics of a vegetable pest