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Sarita Kumar

Applied Entomology

1. Differentiate between the following pairs of terms:

a) Tegmen and elytra

b) Solitary phase of locust and gregarious phase of locust

c) Ventilated storage and air-tight storage

d) Male lac insect and female lac insect

2. Write the vector and the pathogen:

a) Endemic typhus fever

b) Visceral Leishmaniasis

c) Dengue hemorrhagic fever

3. Write reason for the following names along with their scientific names:

a) Gundhi bug

b)Castor semilooper

c)Khapra beetle

4. Give symptoms and the causative agent:

a) White ears

b) Rossette bloom

c) Flared squares

5.Name the following:

a) Biological control agent used as egg parasite

b) A pest whose grubs feed on the roots

c) Internal parasite of Pyrilla

d) Silkworm whose silk is non-reelable

6. Name two insect pests of fruits. Write their damage and control. Give a detailed account of the bionomics of any one of them.

7. List the various stored grain pests you have studied. Describe the bionomics and control of Callosobruchus chinensis.

8. Discuss the caste system in termites and their role in the colony. Write the economic importance and the control of termites.

9. Briefly describe the medical importance of the body louse. Add a note on its control.

10. Explain the economic importance of house fly in human’s life.

11. Give a detailed account of the life cycle, damage and control of any one pest of sugarcane.

12. Describe the role of governmental organizations in locust control.

13. Write short notes on any four:

a) Locust cycles

b) Byproducts of lac processing

c) Damage and control of cotton boll worm

d) Medical importance of Culex

e) Factors for safe storage of grain