PPA/Unit 6: Analyzing the Local Context

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SLMtitle.png Unit 6: Analyzing the Local Context

Chapter Outline


6.1 Introduction
6.2 Learning Objectives
6.3 Data Collection

6.3.1 Using Questionnaires
6.3.2 Interviews
6.3.3 Focus Group Discussions (FGDs)

6.4 Preparing Draft Report
6.5 Collection of Official Data
6.6 Identifying Problems
6.7 Summary
6.8 Keywords
6.9 References and Further Readings
6.10 Activities

6.10.1 Activity-1: Data Collection (individual work)
6.10.2 Activity-2: Report Preparation (individual work)
6.10.3 Activity-3: Official Data Gathering (individual work)
6.10.4 Activity-4: Comparing and preparing report (individual work)

SLMobj.png Learning Objectives
After reading this chapter, you are expected to learn about:

  • Collect data related to education in your locality (e.g. village, union, and upazilla);
  • Prepare a short report on he local situation;
  • Compare existing situation with official data; and
  • Identify problem areas.