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Unit 3.3 Web application development tools & Technologies
Operating System Basic: Linux

Operating system is a software (set of programs) that governs the functioning of the computer, it provide an interface between User and the Hardware. This programs monitors, controls and maintains other programs. Some of the main functionality of the operating system is:

  1. Process management: Managing process life cycle from the starting to the completion of the processes.
  2. Resource management: 
Managing peripheral, installing drivers for input, output and other device to work properly.
  3. Memory management: 
Managing primary and secondary memory of the computer system.
  4. File management: M
anaging files i.e. name, location folder and file attributes.
  5. Security management: 
Access protections, firewalls, virus alerts and password management are some of the utilities of the operating system.


FOSS (Free Open Source Software) is free and open source, which have not any price or cost and the Source code is available. Everyone can contribute to the development. The software does not belong to any organization.

What software is called as FOSS?

  1. If it has freedom to run the software anywhere

  2. If the source code is accessible

  3. It allows redistributing copies

  4. Developer can improve the software

If any software satisfying all these above four parameters, then it is a FOSS. 

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