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Unit 3.3 Web application development tools & Technologies

HTML elements/Tags

Hyper Text Markup Language (HTML) is themarkup language for describing web pages.

        HTML is a set of markup tags

        Markup tags are the basic building block for the development of web pages.

Syntax of HTML tag/element:                       
<Start tag> Content </End tag>

Tag is a keyword enclosed in angle brackets.

Normally tags have one start tag/ opening tag(<tag>) and one end tag/ closing tag(</tag>) are called container tags.

There can be elements which is not having any end/closing tag they are called empty tags.

HTML Document structure

Every HTML document is enclosed within <HTML> and </HTML> tag.

Within this two distinct sections are created.

<HEAD> tag

        Document head that describes title of the web page.

<BODY> tag

        The main body, where the information is displayed in the browser.

                Title of the web page
              The content of the web page .

HTML attributes

HTML attributes are additional information about an HTML element. Attributes are always declared in the start tag/opening tag.

<tag attribute= “Value”> Content </tag>  Attribute values are enclosed in quotes.

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