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Unit 2.3 Collaborative development Tools

CourseLab “is a easy-to-use, e-learning authoring system that offers a programming-free environment for creating high-quality interactive e-learning courses which can be published on the Internet, Learning Management Systems (LMS), CD-ROMS and other devices”(CourseLab, 2012).

Brief History: CourseLab was developed by WebSoft company located in Moscow, Russia. WebSoft was formed in 1999 by the group of Moscow State University graduates. Since then one of the main company goals is to develop the powerful, yet easy-to-use eLearning tools.

This company has release various version of commercial software. In Feb 2008, this company released basic version of eLearning content creation tools called as CourseLab as a freeware. The term "freeware" means that you can install and use it for free. Some advanced options, such as import of PPT slides, are made available by paying for extra amounts. But CourseLab is not open code software; therefore you cannot make any changes in the CourseLab software.

Feature of CourseLab Tool

CourseLab features are specially designed to increase e-learning content creation productivity. These features are given below: e-Learning standards: Learning modules created using CourseLab are compliant with the following e-Learning standards:

Ready-to-use e-learning module template: CourseLab comes with the large set of ready-to-use e-learning module templates. Just select the template that is suitable for your needs to start new module. Templates are easily modifiable and modified templates can be saved to templates library.

WYSIWYG environment: Course Lab supports WYSIWYG(What-You-See-Is-What-You-Get) environment. so no HTML or other programming skills required for content creations.

Large object library: CourseLab contains the large library of ready-to-use complex objects, that covers most of frequently used e-learning needs. Objects are highly customizable to fit virtually any design – just add object on the slide and change its parameters.

Inheritance of objects: You can share once inserted CourseLab object through multiple slides or even entire e-learning module. This feature allows to save development time and efforts drastically.

Simple PowerPoint-like user interface: Familiar PowerPoint-like user interface allows easily get into the way of creating e-learning content.

Import PowerPoint presentation into the module: If you already have PowerPoint presentations then you can easily import it into the e-learning module to save development time. Objects of imported presentation will be translated to CourseLab objects and can be edited further in CourseLab.

Simple wizard-based publication: Instantly publish content to multiple platforms with the few mouse clicks. Content package will be created automatically depending on selected publish option

CourseLab freeware software download link
You can download the freeware version of CourseLab software at below URL.

User Guide download link:

How to install the Tool:

Follow installation instructions in the download area of the CourseLab website:

As part of the instillation process, you will be asked to register. A license code will be e-mailed to you. Retrieve the license code from your email and enter it in the registration form.

How to Creating course Slides :

After you enter the registration code sent to you, CourseLab will begin a new project. • Follow prompts to name the course, modules within the course and choose a template (background colors and navigation buttons). • When the project opens, begin adding content such as text or images to the slide. Use the tool palette or menu options to add content. • Use the directories on the left side of the window to add new slides or switch to Master slide. For more details refer the user guide at below link:

How to Creating Quizzes for a course? 

  • Select Insert -> choose Objects option.
  • In the Task Pane (right side of window) click Tests or Questions.
  • Right click (click the right-hand mouse button) on a question type or test feature to add it to the slide.
  • Double click the question within the slide to edit the question and answers.

How to Publishing Quizzes for a course?

  • Select File -> choose Publish.
  • When prompted enter identifying information about the course.
  • Choose a format for the final project. CD is recommended for easiest playback.
  • After publishing, locate the slideshow folders on your computer.
  • Double click Autorun.html to view the course.

Limitation of the CourseLab freeware version:

  • CourseLab Power Point Import and Screen Capture modules are included into the commercial versions of CourseLab, as a result Importing PowerPoint slides requires purchase of software add-on.
  • Default settings for quiz scores do not display scores in simple and direct way. 
  • Published slides display correctly only Internet Explorer. Macintosh users will not be able to accurately view the finished slideshows (no IE web browser available for Mac).


[1], (CourseLab, 2012), accessed on 12-June-2012. , ELearning Standards, file supported formats.

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