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Unit 2.2 Blogs

In this chapter you learned about how social learning tools are becoming the integral part of educational world and facilitating teaching and learning. The focus of our discussion was blogs, social networking and RSS.

Commonalty between all the three tools is that; they all are based on social communication and collaboration learning, which is the core of teaching and learning. Learning is always more when there is motivation, reinforcement, feedback and variety of ways to learn. Significantly blogs, social networking and RSS tools have these features inbuilt.
Blogs enables individuals to express their thoughts, interchange of feedback and ability to think critically. Social networking gives the learner with the feel of part of the community, explore new resources, and create group of people with common interest. RSS provides individuals with real time updates of the knowledge resources.
Collectively these social learning tools bring more interactivity between individuals and enrich them with new ways and resources of learning.

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