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Unit 2.2 Blogs
Microblogging sites

The word ‘Microblogging’; itself explains that it is a blogging with restricted content. Microblogging enables its users to communicate with limited (specified by the service provider) content in from of text and/or audio, video and web links. Different in size from blog posts, messages posted in the microblog are known as microposts.(
To know more about microblogging and its educational use, click on following PDF link
7 things you should know about...Microblogging

Let us discuss some examples of microblogging sites

a. This is the most popular microblogging service with real-time information network. Microposts of Twitter are known as ‘Tweets’ with limit of 140 characters. Twitter is available in many languages with facility for mobile integration.

Click on following video links to see Twitter in action:

Twitter in Plain English
Twitter: Yours to discover

b. This is also a microblogging service with almost same features of Twitter. With work limit of 140 characters, you can collaborate with friends, students. You can embed images, sounds, streaming videos and files of different format. You can own your groups which can be open or closed groups and organize quizzes. Interestingly you can import your posts from twitter and blogs (

1. List out 4 features of bogs applicable to teaching and learning process.
2. How the blogs can be used in administrative purpose in educational institute. Describe in 50 words.

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