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Unit 2.2 Blogs
Introduction Blogs

Think about a situation when you have read an article on news paper or visited to a historical place. Now, you want to share your thoughts on this matter with others and like to know what they are thinking on your views. What would you do …..?

Would you send an e-mail to your connections without knowing their interests or share the same in any news paper where the editor will cut short or alter the main thought which you wanted to share...

Seems to be a difficult task!! Is it? Don’t worry you will come to know about free web based platform, where you can do all the above activities freely and publish your thoughts to the world instantly. Curious to know more about it…? The platform is called BLOGS

Before we move further, let’s watch some videos to know more about blog. Please click on following video links

Blogs Blogs in Plain English:
A Brief and Basic Introduction to Blogging:

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