PCF5: Revitalizing School Curriculum through Innovative Technologies - A Pragmatic Approach

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Verlaxmi Indrakanti
Lecturer, Anand Vihar College for Women Tulsi Nagar Bhopal M.P

It is a known fact that School education lays foundation blocks for a society that provides directions, structure and dimensions. The role of school in society today has gained primacy as it is directly linked to the process of social change with a greater emphasis on global economy and human development. The expectations are to have pragmatic and innovative techniques by the foundation builders with assumption that the role of centers will be for preparing knowledge and developing work skills to cope-up with the challenges of the present millennium. That is why UN council while framing the MDGs in Dakar Convention gave greater emphasis on Education for all (EFA).

The conservative techniques of education need to be replaced by purposeful innovative new models of learning so as to ensure that children and young people grow into talented citizens shouldering responsibilities in various spheres of life. With a view to achieve this cherished goal, teaching and assessment should go hand in hand to ascertain the accurate evaluation of the effect of teaching and learning process.

The present paper is aiming to discuss the issues and concerns related with traditional school curriculum and newer pedagogical approach with a focus to :

  • devise innovative curriculum to prepare children and youngsters to live and work in gender equal society;
  • involve parents while designing school curriculum;
  • create, pilot test and implement innovative methods of assessment/ evaluation;
  • inculcate and include value and moral education;
  • emphasize self-learning and learning by doing;
  • collaborate and network among institutions for resource sharing;
  • promote open education environment; and
  • create avenues for learner centric and learning centric curriculum.

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