PCF5: Introducing Technology Bias through ICT-IMM in Early Childhood Education

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by Mr Ayobami Adeleke

Technological development for which Nigeria yearns is dependent on its educational system. The National Policy on Education (2004) purposed to inculcate in the child the spirit of inquiry and creativity through the exploration of nature, the environment… from the pre-primary education. This has remained a mirage.

This paper reports on a study that investigated the relative effectiveness of interactive multimedia [IMM] (computer) in effecting proficient teaching and promoting technology bias in early childhood education. Preliminary findings in a one-child experiment propelled ascertaining the relative effect of same on the age group with the objective of establishing the effectiveness, differential effects on retention and probable carriage of technological bias from early childhood to higher learning.

The study adopts a quasi experimental design with one level of treatment and one control group. Two intact classes in two schools were purposively selected in Ile-Ife for the study with four weeks intervention using computer packaged instruction. A retention test is conducted on the pupils after two weeks. Data analyzed using appropriate statistics.

Findings revealed that Early Childhood Education in Nigeria is neither given adequate attention by the State nor supervised to attain the set goals. The use of computer packaged instructions such as IMM is elusive. Meanwhile, the utilization of IMM as the study shows aroused pupils’ interest in learning. It further enhances learning as the few concepts taught (numeracy and language) are recalled and used by the children after weeks of study. The possibility of children carrying the curiosity of technological usage to higher learning is subjective and open for further studies. Evidently, ECE and open learning resources in Nigeria need to be made robust so as to meet and attain the global goal of edu-technological advancement.

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