PCF5: HIV/AIDS Health Worker Training

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Title of session

HIV/AIDS Health Worker Training

Session details

  • Date: Wednesday 16 July 2008
  • Time: 14h
  • Room: Clark Hall

Session papers


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Key Issues that arose in the session

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Points for future action (Policy, recommendations, commitments etc.)

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1 Mrs.Welma Davies

22 % of Namibian population is HIV positive, so a certificate programme (6 months – 1 year duration) lunched to address the issue . Questionnaires, interviews and focus discussion were three methods to used for this study. Out come reported were improving education level of the target groups. Positive change of the students attitude for HIV/AIDS observed.The questions answers session focused on to put material on the net and also to get feedback regularly to improve the quality of the programme.

2. Dr.Kriston Greenop

Non proft Organization named Mindset Network – Health was established in 2004.Internet , data cast(Satellite) and DVDs were used . Mindset worked for following two main categories

a. Health Crae Professional(PC via interactive content and satellite) b. Public to be broadcasted into waiting rooms. The programme was cost effective and cheapest possible so as to reach to the common public.Interactive lessons for health care professionals were preparedbased on internet.The main challenges faced were diveres audience , 11 different languages , noisy waiting rooms , etc . Need analysis of audience and evaluation of mindset systems(2 years) was made. Information furthere may be obtained from www.mindset.co.za

3. West Virginia University 40 years ago was involved for this project .Nortehrn pass being far away from capital of the country was most deprived and the programme was most helpful for the peoples of theses areas. 500 doctors were there for 18 million population .Rural HIV clinic with latest facilities of solar system , generators , etc were made available.

4. In 2003 course was introduced. Having certificate / diploma programme.1.8 Million are total students in IGNOU.Target groups were the students , teachers , doctor , general public etc.655 learners sampled and 598 responded Most of the responders were positively benefitted from the programme.