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Outdoor Community Building Activity for PCF5

Proposed PCF related Community Building Activity by Anil Prasad


This proposal is not for a discussion in the Forum, but about conducting a forum related community building activity. Apart from the exchange of ideas during the workshop sessions and in-house community activities, we may also think about providing some outdoor community experience, that will be more effective for building a community that sustain after the forum days also.

A walking tour for the interested participants (London is famous for walking tours); sight seeing and informal discussions during the group walk would be an ideal outdoor community building activity, connected to PCF5.

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* To provide an ideal outdoor community building experience as part of PCF5.


London is famous for walking tours and various government, NGO and private agencies promote the same in terms of good health and as an economical way for better familiarization of London, the city full of grand history, culture, literature and other beautiful landmarks.

As far as PCF5 is concerned, walking tours can be used as an ideal way of providing a community building experience that would sustain.

Choice of walkway

The Jubilee Walkway (http://www.jubileewalkway.org.uk/) seems to be the best choice. From the available online information, it is seen that the total length of Jubilee Walkway is around 23 k.m. Therefore a part walk as given below is suggested:

The guided walking tour may be commenced from some point in the Jubilee Walkway near by PCF5 venue and proceed to Leicester Square, St. James' Park, Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey, Houses of Parliament and proceed to a wonderful walk through Thames path up to Shakespeare's Globe Theater passing Millennium Bridge and come back to Millennium Bridge, cross Thames and return to the starting point through the other side (avoiding looping ways). It may take around four hours, but it has to be verified.

What is the cost?

It can be conducted as a self-financed activity by interested participants, by equally sharing the cost among the participants.

The approximate fees for a Blue Badge Guide for the walk would be around 180 British Pounds (again it has to be verified). The guide may be arranged from the accredited Blue Badge Guides Association of London (http://www.touristguides.org.uk/) .


The PCF5 organizing team may contact the association of the Blue Badge Guides to finalize the route and fees. Once approved, it may be announced to the participants. A registration counter for the same may be set up so that the interested participants can register their names. In accordance with the number of participants, the number of guides required can be decided.

It may also be discussed with the Blue Badge Guides Association whether they can setup the registration counter for a specified time and manage the walking tour themselves.


Since all other days are tightly packed with the other important forum activities that are already planned, 18th July 2008 seems to be the most convenient day.

But one constrain to this day is only those who are expected to leave late in the evening on 18/07/2007 can participate.

Another option is, if there are any evenings without already planned activities, two hour walks on two days, enjoying the evening and night beauty of the city, can be thought about.


ODL is the most natural and environment friendly way of learning. A walking tour is the most natural and environment friendly way of touring. Therefore the walking tour as a community building exercise would definitely add value to the PCF event that is dedicated to ODL.

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