PCF5:Open and distance learning for health worker training

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Title of session

...Open and distance learning for health worker training...

Session details

  • Date: ... 17th July 2008 ...
  • Time: ... 11.00-12.30 ...
  • Room: ... Clark Hall ...

Session papers

  • Syed Shahzad Shah, A case study on role of distance education in preventive to curative health and nutrition issues, (200)
  • Shubhangi Vaidya, Capacity building for carers of children with learning disabilities (313)

Key Issues that arose in the session

  • ODL can be used for medical matters
  • Some experience is preferrable
  • Useful for continueing education that is not received in formal training
  • Addresses the needs of the country
  • Disability in the developing world is not an individual problem but often a family problem, marginalisation occurs
  • ODL offers an opportunity to reach these marginalised groups
  • Has potential to create circles of support

Points for future action (Policy, recommendations, commitments etc.)

  • ODL for medical education needs to be developed and designed according to national and prioritised needs
  • Disability requires ODL attention
  • Can lead to circles of support for marginalised groups
  • ODL for carers of disability needs focus