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This study explores the possible use of different internet technologies for synchronous and asynchronous interactions (discussion, presentation, meeting, etc). Most of these technologies are free and could be easily integrated to create an effective learning environment.

One of such example is the use of “Skype”, “Googledoc” and “Googlechat” or “Skypechat” for collaborative group assignment for an online and distance education course. WebCT discussion forum was used for asynchronous interactions among group members. In this course all the synchronous interactions were recorded for future reference and feedback.

Students were consultant before combining and using the technologies. A quick survey revealed the pros and cons of different technologies. Students and faculty finally agreed upon a set of tools which would work for them. The process of selection of tools particularly criteria for selection, people preferences for different tools and justifications for using particular tools provided very informative and useful data for identifying tools and technologies to mashup to suit different purposes.

In the future we expect to create mashup platforms where it will be possible to drag and drop different tools, pieces of software and make them work together through one login and password.


A Sustainable Model of Using Technology for Learning

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