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Title of session

Title of the session goes here ......Learner supoort

Session details

  • Date: enter the date here ...Tuesday 15 July 2008
  • Time: enter the time of the session here ...11.00am
  • Room: enter the room here ....Drama Studio

Session papers

Dr Kandarpa Das The acculturation of 'open' materials and the enhancement of learning, (425)

Next paper goes here Dr Thantrige Srini Visaka De Zoysa, Factors affecting the completion of postgraduate degrees using distance mode, (383) Prof Wendy Kilfoil, Integrating the elements of open and distance learning to enhance service to students in a developing country, (321) Mrs Yashwaree Moonshiram, Education for all: how can this be achieved in mauitius with the help of open education? (388) Prof Satish Rastogi, Present status of Yashawantrao Chava Maharashtra Open University (YCMOU) study centres in Khandesh area of Maharashtra: a survey, ((687) Prof Des Roberts, Access to learner support: an analysis of perceptions about barriers to access at UNISA, (189)

  • etc.

Key Issues that arose in the session

Type the first issue here ...

  • All systems must be integrated to support the student – shouldn’’t be added on.
  • Orientation – balancing openness/flexibility with the responsibility to do what is good for student eg limit to number of courses students can take or progression routes.
  • the importance of taking into account the student profile, previous educational experience, cultural background and first Language when designing courses and providing student support. For instance, the DE model of a student is as a mature adult whereas we are all getting increasing numbers of younger students who have different needs and motivation.
  • The importance of orienting both students AND staff into their roles in open and distance learning.
  • Type the second issue here ...
  • etc

Points for future action (Policy, recommendations, commitments etc.)

  • Learner support should be more systemic, for instance from the design of the course
  • Counselling and advising both students and staff in the nature of distance education and the context of learning for development is vital.
  • The importance of researching one’s own student profile not making assumptions based on literature from elsewhere.