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Title of session

...Appropriate learning technologies;Community Radio-Session II ...

Session details

  • Date: ... July 16, 2008...
  • Time: ... 14.00-15.30...
  • Room: ... Jeffry Hall, Level 1...

Session papers

  • Badrul Haider Chowdury, Interactive community radio and its role in distance learning aspects (102)
  • Silima Nanda , Communicative English through media: a case study (719)

Key Issues that arose in the session

  • Can radio- a simple low cost technology become an effective tool for ODL? How can radio be made participatory and interactive instead of a one way communication?
  • What role can radio play improving quality of education children receive?

Points for future action (Policy, recommendations, commitments etc.)

  • Radio, even without before its potential was fully developed or utilised gave way to more glamorous and glitzy technologies like television, video and other Information Technology inventions. But in the digital age, radio has thankfully reinvented itself as a simple and effective tool- for learning, entertainment and interaction. It stresses on the “C:” (communication) in the ICT array, and needs to be developed, explored and exploited further in all learning engagements.
  • Interactive Radio Instruction (IRI) has proved to be an effective way of both engaging the children activiely a classroom and increasing the efficiency of teacher /facilitator in class room instruction -as demonstrated by the Indian case study and supported by the Zambian experience. Radio can and should be employed as an integral part of class room instruction as it can make a significant value additional especially in remote, far-off, electricity –short regions. It needs to be harnessed as an important participatory learning tool