PCF5:CYP - Open Schools: Expanding access to pre tertiary and vocational education and training

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Title of session

Expanding access to pre tertiary and vocational education and training.

Session details

  • Date: 15 July 2008
  • Time: 11.00
  • Room: Committee Room 1

Session papers

  • Madam Abena Agyakoma Kwarteng , Expanding the horizon of education : The case of president’s special initiative on distance learning , Ghana.
  • Dr .Dhaneshwar Harichandan, In service teacher education programme in India through technology mediated learning.
  • Mrs C. Girija Navaneedhan , Practical approaches of persuasion to open and distance learning for children and young people in the technology enriched era.
  • M.C.Pant ,Vocational Education And training through open and distance learning : Challenges and strategies

Key Issues that arose in the session

  • PSIDL system established in Ghana was Successful in delivering Through T.V on conventional and vocational subjects by employing highly competent teachers .The learning modules are also delivered through study centres are proved to be successful ensuring the quality.

The key issue is to extend the programme to prisoners subject to the approval by the government.

  • In service teacher education programme is conducted in India through distance mode through out the country by 11 recognised institutes striving to produce quality education.

The key issue is that there is not a single university which offers teacher training programme from North eastern states in India. Focus to be laid on this aspect.

  • Project based learning methodology is found to be successful in imparting quality education to teacher training programme in particular , so that teacher trainees emerge as successful teachers after completion of the course through ODl.

The key issue is how to universalize PBL methodology in teacher training through ODL through out the country to ensure quality education taking in to account all constraints in implementing.

  • VET focuses on the goals of development and removal of unemployment and poverty. To suit the diversity in vocational education programmes of various needs aptitude test was conducted to admit the students in VET. The study was conducted in the state of UTTARAKHAND in INDIA and was found to be successful producing employable youths.

The key issue is maintaining the sustainability ensuring skill based VET.

Points for future action (Policy, recommendations, commitments etc.)

  • To provide access to learning for prisoners through PSIDL
  • To establish universities in north eastern states ensuring quality teacher education.
  • To recommend PBL strategy to improve the teaching learning competency among teacher trainees in ODL.
  • To produce employable skill oriented youths through VET.