PCF5:CYP - Innovation in curriculum and assessment: improving school quality

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Title of session

Innovation in curriculum and assessment: improving school quality

Session details

  • Date: 15 July 2008
  • Time: 14.00
  • Room: Nunn Hall

Session papers

  • Prof. Ram Takwale, Creating Mass movement for quality school education for all (566)
  • Mr. Narendra Deshmukh. Resource based quality school education(808)

Key Issues that arose in the session

  • How to design and use a large techno-social system in the public-private partnership that will accommodate large number of learners to solve problems of life and work in the context of globalization.
  • Using a model of virtual school and learning homes how education can be transformed from teacher-centric and content centric to learner-centric and from learner centric to learning-centric education and from development perspective to a transformation perspective of education.
  • Creating OERs which can provide information space, interaction space, and creative space for a learner and make the learner use learning tools and technology for better learning.

Points for future action (Policy, recommendations, commitments etc.)

  • More emphasis needed on Public-Private partnership and Consortium approach to any effort to provide quality education to all with the TECH-MODE approach.
  • Qualitative aspect of education is to be taken care of in the efforts to provide education for sustainable development.
  • OERs need to be designed and developed with specific provision for learner space rather than merely producing the learning resources without context.