PCF5:Assessing Internet Usage in University Education: An Individual Perspective

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The advancement of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and, in particular the Internet, has altered the way education is being delivered. It is common now for instructors at Malaysian universities to make their teaching materials available online. Since the use of the Internet in Malaysian university education is considered at its infancy, many issues regarding its use had not been fully addressed. To better understand how the Internet is used in university learning, the following questions should be answered. How extensive is the Internet being used among students? How do they respond to the Internet? What is the impact of the Internet on student learning? For this reason, this exploratory study examines these issues from the students’ perspective in one public university in Malaysia (N=361). First the study explores students’ Internet usage and attitude towards the Internet. It then explores the impact of the Internet on learning. The study then investigates the relationships among the aforementioned variables and attempts to relate the findings with open and distance learning in Malaysia.


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