PCF5:"Appropriate ICT technologies and applications are importance in the rural health drive in the developed and the developing world"

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"Appropriate ICT technologies and applications are importance in the rural health drive in the developed and the developing world"

Although the international comunity has responded by launching concerted initiatives to bridge the digital divide,increasing co-ordination among these initiatives remains a critical element.The Government of both developped and developping nations has consistently not done enough to protect the health needs of those living in rural areas and has broken its pledge that nobody should be disadvantaged because of where they live.It is sad very sad to note that even rich nations like USA UK Australia could not adequately apply innovative technologies to deliver health services in the rural communities of their nations.The rural populations,with a very fragile economy and more vunerable to shoock than in the town and cities requires suitable ICT health infrastructures in both the developed and developing countries.Nevertheless,the economic contributions from the rural communities of any nation are always substantial. . ICT has the potential to create impact in the health sector . In developing countries, the issues of acute shortage of qualified doctors and absolute lack of diagnostic medical technology can be met with the potentials of ICT.

   Rural ICT centers in each country should be launced.A simple  and reliable telemedicine system that could promote home care for the elderly person,connect local doctors and nurses in developed and developing countries; (taking into account of health problems and infrastructure in the rural areas in the country) should be launched.Affordable distance learning program and local capacity building to run and owned ICT projects For nurses,Medical doctors,local women should be encouraged. 
   Finally,ICTs such as radio, television, telephones, computers, and the Internet can provide access to knowledge in other sectors such as agriculture, microenterprise, education, and human rights, offering a new realm of choices that enable the poor rural women and men to improve their quality of life.

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