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Example Pain Diagram for Doctor’s Visit post – MVA

People can feel different kinds of pain in different parts of your body depending on the Whiplash injury. Pins and needles describe the feeling you get when your arm falls asleep. A burning sensation tends to feel like a warm burning sensation. You don’t actually need to feel heat in a particular area to feel a burning type of pain. A stabbing pain has a more sharp and intense feeling. A deep ache has more of that really deep ache that tends to run deeper into the tissues.

For example: A burning feeling in the upper shoulders (XXX) with pins and needles (000) running down the arms would look like this in the diagram below:

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Pain Diagram for Doctor’s Visit post – MVA



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Note: Use the key to mark down where the pain is and what type of pain you are having. Bring this form to your doctor’s visit.