P630 Clothing and Textiles

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1. Textiles

(a) Classification of fibers.

(b) The manufacture of fabrics, methods of identifying the fibers in a given fabric and finishing of textile yarn and fabrics.

(c) The bearing of composition and weave on the suitability of the fabrics for various purposes, taking into consideration cases of making up, cleaning or washing, practicability, curability; and in the case of garments, hygienic qualities.

(d) Local decoration of fabrics, tie-dying, batik, etc.

2. Clothing

(a) Clothing in Society (with reference to historical background).

(b) Selection of fabrics suitable for garments and household linen.

(c) Wise buying - economy and reasonable value for money spent.

(d) Inclusion of "dress sense".

(e) Ornament and Decoration.

(f) Use and adaptation of commercial patterns.

(g) Selection of appropriate tools, threads, etc.

(h) An understanding of the use, care and cleaning of the sewing machine.

(i) Cutting out, making up and finishing of a representative selection of typical garments.

(j) The care, repairing and daily valeting of clothing - personal grooming as an essential of good style in dress.