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Sections A and B, Prose and Poetry

1. Pre-Islamic Era

(A) Prose

(1) Haan's Speech (Encouraging his people to participate in the battle of Dhi waqar)

(2) Aktham's Speech (before Ceaser)

(3) Harith's Wisdom (for his son)

(4) Aus's Wisdom (for his children)

(5) Abitalib's Speech (on the introduction ceremony for his nephew Muhammad).

(B) Poetry

(1) Imru Al-Oais (Describing the night and the horse)

(2) Al-Markash (Tribal Pride)

(3) Anabigha Al Thubyan (Apologizing to Nu'man)

(4) Laquit Bin Y'amar (Jealousy outcry)

(5) Al-Muthqab Abdi (Behavioural values)

2. Islamic Era

(A) Prose

(1) A Text (about prophetic values)

(2) The Prophet's Speech in Mecca

(3) Abubaker's Speech (upon his election as a Caliph)

(4) Ali's Speech (upon his election as a Caliph)

(5) The Prophet's Speech ( on the 1st Juma in Medinah)

(B) Poetry

(1) Hasan Bin Thabit (praising the Prophet and his companions)

(2) Ka'ab Bin Zuhair (praising the prophet and apology)

(3) Lubaid Bin Rabiah (Contemplation moment - over life)

(4) Al-Khansa

3. The Ummayad Era

(A) Prose

(1) Al-Hajjaj's Speech (in the mosque at Qufah)

(2) A Letter (from Bashir Bin Marwan to his brother)

(3) Umar's Speech (A prayer)

(4) Obituary Speech (Farghanah - for Ahnaf Bin Qais)

(B) Poetry

(1) Kathir Azza (who's the man?)

(2) Jarir (praising Abdul-Malik Bin Marnan)

(3) Al Ajaj

(4) Tarmah (Hanash)

4. The Abbasid Era

(A) Prose

(1) A text by Ibn Muqaffa

(2) A text by al-Jahidh

(3) A text by Hamthan

(4) A letter by Ibn Zaydun

(B) Poetry

(1) Abi-Al-Atahia

(2) Ibn Rousi

(3) Ali Bin Al Jahm (praising Al-Mutwarul)

(4) Al-Buhrar (praising Al Khalifah)

5. The Era of Decline

(A) Prose

(1) The Letter by Imad-Al-Din

(2) A Text by Dhiya'a Din Bin Al-Athir

(B) Poetry

(1) Al-Buswiri (praising the Prophet)

(2) Saffy Al-Din (describing Autumn)

6. The New/Modern Era

(A) Prose

(1) Amir Rayhan (A branch of flower)

(2) Al-Manfalutwi (Mercy)

(B) Poetry

(1) Ahmad Shawqi

(2) Ali Hashim (The displaced)

(3) Hafida Ibrahim (Social Poetry)

Section C and Essential Recommended Reading

Section C: Novels and Plays

(1) Novels

Abdala Al-Quiwairy. Al-Zait (Oil and Palm Dates).

(2) Plays

Nalid-Ahklas. Al-Adiib

Essential Recommended Reading

(1) Ministry of Education, Saudi Arabia - Arabic for Beginners (Books 5 and 6).

(2) World Islamic Society - Arabic for Non-Speakers.