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Can we move to another planet?

Planet Earth is a mess. We know there are other planets in our Solar System. If we can find another planet to move to your teacher will hire a space shuttle and we’ll leave this planet and start all over again.

What are some of the things we will need on our new planet in order to survive there? Remember to click on the Edit button and write your ideas, then click on Save Page.

Your teacher has helped you and your partner find a planet to research. Use the NASA StarChild site to find information about your planet. You may also use Wikipedia or Encarta for Kids (found on your desktop).

Now click on the link to your planet and once you have researched your planet click on Edit at the top of the page and write about it and it’s suitability. Don’t forget to click on Save Page at the bottom.

Mercury Venus Mars
Jupiter           Saturn Uranus
Neptune Dwarf Planet Pluto