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Opening Remarks


Do you know anyone who would you be interested in teaching with us - in a fun, informal format?

Could it be you? Or someone in your network?

The Ottawa Learnery is all about learning - engaging with passionate people, and providing affordable crowd-sourced learning. We are based in Ottawa, Canada Visit:

Who We Are

The Ottawa Learnery is being launched by 3 amigos: Randy , an educator, open source advocate and bernese mountain dog owner; Anthony, an avid reader, blackberry tinkerer from Almonte; and Michael, a small business eco-preneur and green building export expert.

We're looking for passionate and engaging teachers - or folks who want to teach. We'll provide you with the venue and get you lots of media, promotion and visibility. We'll pay you for your teaching time and give you Ottawa Learnery swag (i.e., probably in the form of a brain).

You provide your content, knowledge and a rich and engaging experience for our learners. You can also promote your connection to the Ottawa Learnery to your network!

Here's what we mean by a rich, engaging learning experience.


Our learners - they're just like you - interested, connected and curious people - and they're up for a learning and social experience.


Pitch a topic to us (we'll have an automated form shortly) - go to the Ottawa Learnery Facebook page for details: Put in as much info as you can, and send it along!!

Topics can be about anything - the quirkier the better! They can be from your day job or not; a lifelong interest or simply a new passion. They can be for an evening, maybe two. Your choice - it's fine with us!

  • cooking classes - any type!
  • history of .........
  • CSS and HTML skills
  • Managing your Gmail Inbox
  • Green building
  • Anything to do with music
  • Eating healthy
  • Packing a moving truck
  • Real estate investing
  • Accounting for self-employed consultants
  • Aromatherapy for pets
  • What's it like to work in .... job / industry?
  • Knitting
  • Kite-flying
  • Winter cycling
  • Preparing for Everest & the Way down

...and much more...

Teachers / Instructors

We've been getting the word out and so far, these folks have signed up - why not join them?

Our Location

  • Learnery classes are held throughout Ottawa.

Visit the Ottawa Learnery:

We're launching April 27-28, 2013 @ the Living Green Expo, at the Ottawa Convention Centre in downtown Ottawa.

Join us! We'd love to learn from you!

Potential Topics

Instructional Resources

  • Linked In Note:

Fraser - Other than museums, I seem to remember that you're a pretty engaging fellow - I'm launching a new project called the Ottawa Learnery - and we're looking for fresh folk, who can teach interesting and esoteric stuff - it's based on a model from NYC, with Ottawa tweaks, of course - lemme know if you're interested or, if you know some folks who might be, and I'll be glad to send some info along.

Volunteer Info