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Knowledge & Questions Context Stimulus Materials / Activities Learning Experiences
Galvani's 1771 discovery of electricity by frogs' legs twitching.

Van der Graaf Generator. Conductors and insulators

Electrocution Movie clip/demo/prac / Journal Inference, interpret model/diagram
lens burning paper Eye retina damage from welding Demo/Prac Control experiment; Drawing diagrams
Hard hat protection Demo/prac Experiment design
Steel toe shoe protection Demo/prac Experiment design
Asbestosis protection: masks and glasses Dust lung cancer and eye abrasion Movie clip Risk evaluation
Entrapment in submarines.

Candle burning in a jar over water.

Asphyxiation Movie clip/Prac/demo Deduction
Agar culture from toilet wipes Infection Demo/prac Control experiment
Food poisoning/stopping germs Movie clip/prac/demo Control experiment