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Time and location

7-8 May Otago Polytechnic Forth St Campus:
7th May 9-1pm - room A126 CAD
7th May 1-5pm - room H201
8th May 9am-5pm - room H201


The overall outline is three half day sessions

  1. Basic introduction to Second life (Thurs 7 May am or pm, tbc)
  2. More advanced skills in Second Life (Fri 8 May am)
  3. Understanding the midwifery build and associated learning experiences. (Fri 8 May pm)


  1. Sarah Stewart (Midwifery, SLENZ)
  2. Jane Field (Foundation, OP)
  3. --Leighblackall 22:17, 7 April 2009 (UTC)
  4. Clare Atkins
  5. Terry Neal (attending afternoon of 8th May)
  6. Rae Hickey (Midwifery, OP)
  7. Kate Spenceley (Midwifery, OP)
  8. Jean Patterson (Midwifery, OP)
  9. Tania Rangi (Midwifery, OP)
  10. Deborah Davis (Midwifery, OP)
  11. Carolyn McIntosh (Midwifery, OP)
  12. Rea Daellenbach (Midwifery, CPIT)
  13. Ruth Martis (Midwifery, CPIT)
  14. 3rd person (Midwifery, CPIT) Please confirm


23 April

Deborah Davis confirmed venues and updated participant list. Otago needs to check room computer do in fact access and work SL, as well as check there is wireless access for those who BYO

8 April

Currently Otago Polytechnic is sorting out a venue with suitable connectivity and computers. Ideally we will have a computer lab as well as wireless for those who BYO

To do

  • Organise catering
  • Negotiate wireless and computer access
  • Firm up times and location
  • Confirm an IT liaison
  • Confirm participants