Orokonui Ecosanctuary Activities

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Bird Sound map - Listening Log

  1. Explain to students that they are going to create a SOUND MAP…
  2. Soon they will be given pen and card and asked to sit in silence for a couple of minutes
  3. It is VERY important that they don’t talk, move or make sounds during that time.
  4. To make their map draw themselves in the centre of the card (or mark X) and for each new sound they hear they are to DRAW the sound on the map in the direction from which they hear it. DRAW it getting louder or softer, regular or irregular etc.
  5. Walk down the track “dropping” people off to sit in a particular spot – interperse adults. Make sure troublesome friends are split up etc… alternatively all sit in a circle facing out with backs to each other.
  6. Afterwards call everyone back and as time allows discuss what they heard and how this would have been different if they were here 200 yrs ago or what it might be like back at school. (Would be great to repeat at school &/or in the bush at Jubilee Park reserve)