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Report on the Orientation program

Zest (The Department of English, DDUC) works as a family. It aims at instilling the idea of team work and cohesion among students. Carrying forward last year’s momentum the department became active during the admission process. The 2nd and 3rd Year students along with the teachers counselled the admission seekers and told them about the benefits of the course. After the admission process was over, the Zest’s new academic year began with the Orientation programme (held on 20th July, 2012). The Orientation programme acquainted the new-comers with the legacy, the vision and the tradition of the English society, ZEST. Dr Rohith (The Head of the Dept.) along with Dr Jayini Adyapak welcomed the new-comers and their parents on behalf of the department. Dr Adhyapak introduced the rest of the faculty and spoke broadly on the course structure highlighting its various nuances. She also elaborated on the vision of the department i.e. every student who is a part of Zest should evolve into a better human being and should be able to analyse and critically examine arts and literature. Dr Rohith spoke mainly about the legacy and the tradition of the department, emphasizing on the growth of the students as intellectuals and individuals having polished expressions in terms of literature. The 3rd-Year students briefed the gathering about ZEST’s activities during the last year, introducing the new-comers to the various clubs and societies under the Zest. The Orientation programme ended with an informal talk with the students of the 2nd Year who shared their first year’s experiences’s.

– Ankur Saxena