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Work through the following instructions to set-up a back-up media wiki installation server in your LAN.

As a requirement, the media wiki software (the software that runs wikieducator) needs to have a working PHP, MySQL and Apache platform. Therefore you will need to install and configure PHP,MySQL and Apache. The easiest way to do this is to download XAMPP, a platform that comes with a preconfigured PHP,MySQL and Apache webserver. You can download XAMMP from:

  1. For Linux users -
  2. For Windows users -
  3. For Other platforms -

Instructions for installing and configuring XAMMP are in their respective download sites.

Once you have installed and configured XAMMP correctly, download the mediawiki software from Uncompress the mediawiki software and put it within the relevant path to the htdocs folder within XAMMP.

Follow the mediawiki installation requirements to install media wiki in your local machine.