Organizing pre-workshop logistics activities/How to "sell" OER workshops to your organization

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Like anything done well, some effort will have gone into doing some background research. Being able to discuss the benefits that will be gained and provide examples of other organisations who are contributing to the open education body of knowledge will lend additional credibility to your drive. Good sources of inspiration can be found in Projects section of this wiki, where you might even be inclined to contact some of the project leaders and begin a dialogue with them on their experiences.

Share your passion

Some of your strongest support will come from your immediate collegues, the people you know well and have a common interest in education and educational resource development. Take time to share your passion in a range of forums, over coffee, in the corridors, small team meetings, blogging, wiki-ing, etc.

Extend the network

Check the networks. Ask your network who they know and who they might be willing to contact regarding this initiative, or alternatively whether they would be happy for you to make contact. Momentum is everything, so make contact as soon as possible.

Identify key stakeholders

Through your research, you will have identified possible stakeholders. It is important that key people are included as much as possible in these early discussions. Stakeholders might include possible funding partners, key external organisational/agency personnel and collaborators, key internal administrative and technical personnel.