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Easy Internet Cafe in New York

Image courtesy of EDgAr.H


To better understand the importance of design and and layout of a tourist attraction


Choose a tourism venue and answer the following questions.


1. Is the building aestehtically attractive - inside and out? What features help or hinder this?

2. Does the entrance look inviting? Do you think it is effective in attracting people who may be walking by? Why?

3. Note: what facilities have been provided for people with special needs?

4. What features can you see which ensure the safety of the people visiting the venue?

5. Can you see any features whose function is to ensure the security of the products?

6. How user friendly is the venue? eg. what information is the visitor supplied with? Is there adwquate signposting? Are there adequate toilet facilities? Are they clean?

7. Does the entrance area and all parts of the venue have good flow? Why?

8. What design features would be specific for this type of venue, but not used for other types of attractions?

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