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What is a computer operating system?

An operating system is basically instructions where you want the computer to go.It tells you how to interact with software. It helps get the information you want.

Operating systems include Windows,which is the most popular. The Windows system has many versions, including Windows 98, Windows XP, and Windows Vista. Mac OS(used on Macintosh computers) is another operating system.

The computer operating system is basically a piece of the equipment, the people who created the net work to connect that from one place to other without to traveling from place to place. Normally use from the Government office at the very beginning. But later on the net work getting more common for the business people to use, and until now everyone can afford to use that. If even you can not afford to own one of the computer but you still can use it at the Library, coffee shop, or in the Mall at the customer service counter.

The most popular windows I know right now is the window 2007. But to fit to use in the Macintosh computers in that day I think people carry the floppy dish?