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What constitutes an open educational resource?

Learning pathway: Educators care: Why open matters (Part 2)

During Session 2 we consider issues associated with the ownership of ideas in education in a digital world. We introduce and define the concept of Open Education Resources (OER). While working through the materials below, we encourage participants to share their thoughts and reflections with the group via one of the microblogging tools: WEnotes, twitter or Google+. Remember to include the #OCL4Ed tag which is used to harvest posts for the aggregated course feed.

Resources to work through

No. Resource link
1 Video signpost - David Wiley
2 Ownership of ideas in a digital world
3 Towards a definition of OER
4 OER benefits and myths
5 Summary

Learning activities

Activity type Description Time Link
Microblog After viewing the video signpost from David Wiley, share your thoughts with the OCL4Ed group. 3 mins Microblog activity
Microblog After watching the short video on the Ownership of ideas, share what you think with the group. 3 mins Ownership of ideas
Quiz Reflections on the requirements for a definition on OER. 2 mins Defining OER
Discussion Barriers, opportunities and the way forward for OER 8 mins Google+ forum
Microblog Retweet your favourite Tweet from the #Open Textbook Tweet 10 mins Summary
Learning reflection Post a learning reflection on Session 2 0.5 - 1 hour 2nd Learning reflection