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Peer evaluation prototype - submit activities and help test the system

The alpha release of the peer evaluation prototype is now live! Our Google Summer of Code student would really appreciate your feedback, so let's show our appreciation by submitting E-Activities and lots of ratings so he can experience an authentic open source development project within a live community of learners from around the world.

All the links and information you need are provided on the peer evaluation page on the course site.


I have prepared two "model" answers: one for Activity 3.1 and the other for Activity 4.1 so you can test the system before rating any peers. I have a tough skin, so please use my submissions to familiarise yourself with the system.

  1. Scan the Activity questions before evaluating (see: Activity 3.1 and Activity 4.1)
  2. Remember to login to the course site before submitting or rating activities.
  3. Go to the view activities page.
    • Click on the "Activity 3.1" button, then click on the "Title" link to evaluate the 1st submission from user "Mackiwg"
    • Click on the "Activity 4.1" button, then click on the "Title" link to evaluate the 2nd submission from user "Mackiwg"

I look forward to reading your evaluations online including suggestions on how I can improve my attempts :-).

Submitting your own activities

You must register your activities using the submission page and check the "Opt in for peer evaluation" button.

What activities to evaluate?

Visit your user dashboard regularly to see what activities have been assigned to you to evaluate. The system automatically updates according to the submissions received and assigns activities with the lowest number of ratings to promote an even distribution of evaluations. For the prototype, we recommend that you try to evaluate three submissions for each activity. However, we appreciate that you are busy - so do what you can.

Providing feedback on the alpha release

Feel free to use the course microblog and Google+ community forum for general thoughts and ideas. Please email suggestions for improving the software to:

Thanks for your help!

Wayne Mackintosh
UNESCO, COL and ICDE Chair in OER.