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Survey results posted

Hi everyone,

I've posted a link to the live results of the Fair and Reasonableness Practice Survey. (If you haven't had a chance to share your views, you can still complete the survey - don't be missed by your absence!)

It's refreshing to note an increase in the number of educators who were aware of the concepts of OER and Creative Commons before starting the course compared to when we launched the first OCL4Ed course early in 2011. Many educators have used Creative Commons materials before, but the majority of respondents have not applied a Creative Commons license to their own work. We hope to change that statistic through this course!

I trust that you are making steady progress with Session 3 on Copyright as this is prerequisite knowledge for understanding how Creative Commons enables us to refine copyright.

I'm excited to test the first alpha release of the peer evaluation tool next week. Please choose two E-Activities (apart from the 1st Learning Reflection) to help us test the system. We need your help!

Have a great weekend!

Wayne Mackintosh