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Instructions for Session 5 - Choosing the right license

You should follow the OCL4Ed course according to your own time zone. These instructions are for your Wednesday 2 & Thursday 3 July 2014

I trust that you are enjoying our free OCL4Ed mOOC as we commence the final Session for OCL4Ed 14.06. Note that we will keep the course materials, forums and aggregator open for participants for some time after the course so participants who joined us after the start date will be able to continue with their learning.

Instructions for the closing session

During Session 5 we will consider recommendations on the choice of license for OER from the perspective of the OER Foundation, a "pro-freedom" educational charity. We commence with a video signpost from the Commonwealth of Learning which highlights the importance of choosing the right license. We will consider the Creative Commons licenses which meet the requirements of the free cultural works definition derived from the "essential freedoms" and why these are important in education. We will have the opportunity to debate the issues associated with commercial activity and OER. We conclude with technical considerations which educators should consider in parallel with the choice of license.

Course evaluation

Please help the OERu to improve future offerings of the OCL4Ed mOOC by completing the evaluation survey.

Please help us test the peer evaluation tool

We need your help to test the alpha version of the peer evaluation system. I encourage you to register one or two E-Activities and opt in for peer evaluation to help test the system. You don't need perfect answers - we need a range of examples to help test this early release of the software. If nothing else, please evaluate my submissions (see instructions here.)

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Wayne Mackintosh