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Open Learning Exchange (, or "OLE", is an international effort to make possible the UN's millennium goal of Universal Basic Education by 2015.

OLE is a 501(c)3 social benefit organization, founded in 2007. It is currently active in the US, Nepal, China, Ghana, Rwanda, and the Dominican Republic.

The OLE effort transcends classic elearning models in that it also seeks to serve leaders and learners in situations where high-speed Internet connections and ubiquitous computer resources cannot be assumed. In particular, OLE is preparing resources and software to address these use cases:

  1. The teacher finds material to use online with students.
  2. The teacher needs to get material for use when not connected to the Internet.
  3. The teacher needs to get material at a central location that has Internet access, for use in a classroom that does not have electricity.

OLE is developing software tools to help leaders and learners. The first tools, which will be provided for free and as open-source resources, will appear in September, 2008. They include:

  • The Billion Kids Library, free and adaptable courses, modules, activities, and resource collections for use in K-12 and international equivalents.
  • The Course Development Studio, a free tool for assembling, creating, sharing, and publishing to the Library courses, modules, activities, and resources.

The first release of both tools will be localized into UK and US English, French, Spanish, Nepali, and Mandarin. Other languages will follow as national OLE organizations require them.