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Phase 1: OLCOS partner internal work - by Nov.2006

OLCOS partner submit input until 15th of November 2006:

Authoring work needs to be split by OLCOS partners: SRFG FH and UOC:

Instead of producing a tutorial, mediamastri will assist in producing a video. Licensing issue can be taken over by SRFG.

First quality check by ECMC

At the PM Meeting in Nov. 23-25th, the consortium discusses and descides about content quality, adaptations, media appearance (pictures/navigation logik)

open questions:

  • we should come to an agreement about the labelling. Are we talking about OER or ODEC (or whatever) and then we should harmonise the tutorials
  • structure of the whole wiki-pages (now we use two different folders (open educational content and olcos)), most of our pages are not included.
  • what about "public domain" - it is not valid/applicable in the E.U., this section of our introducation should revised, perhaps our lists, too.

Phase 2: Testing phase:until February/March 2006

OLCOS partner invite stakeholders to comment and adapt work

Phase 3: OLCOS partner author final edition until May/June 2007

Phase 4: OLCOS disseminate results from June-December 2007

Institutions are invited to integrate the wiki into a) either structured online courses b) information service into their university/school eLearning support service.